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These specialized treatments target fine lines, crow’s feet, and other facial wrinkles, providing an effective solution for those seeking a non-surgical approach to anti-aging. 

Dermal Fillers are an effective way to rejuvenate and add youthful volume to your face, typically with little to no downtime required. 

Chemical Peels are a specialized chemical solution that exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells. They help to improve skin issues and enhance overall skin tone and texture.

PRP and exosomes leverage the body’s natural healing abilities to aid in hair and skin revitalization. With no downtime, exosomes and PRP injections at Kállos Medical Aesthetics provide a path to rejuvenate your skin and restore your hairline, enhancing your youthful look.

RF microneedling is an advanced aesthetic treatment that improves the skin’s appearance by using tiny needles to create micro-punctures in the skin. This process stimulates collagen and elastin production, key elements for youthful, healthy skin.

The Aquagold® Fine Touch™ treatment offers a personalized fusion of skin-enhancing products expertly designed to boost collagen and elastin production for an improved skin appearance. 

Liquid rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that reshapes the nose by strategically injecting dermal fillers. 

IV therapy is a treatment that requires no-downtime and helps to enhance your overall health and vitality.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Therapy is a groundbreaking skincare treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin at varying depths. This innovative therapy stimulates cellular activity to promote healing, rejuvenate the skin, and improve its overall appearance.

Fractional CO2 lasers represent a premier choice for skin resurfacing, tackling a range of skin concerns effectively. These lasers create controlled micro-damage in the skin, triggering a natural healing response that leads to skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

Laser hair removal offers a lasting solution to unwanted hair, giving you the freedom to enjoy smooth skin without the constant need for traditional hair removal methods.

Laser skin resurfacing leverages advanced lasers to enhance collagen production in the skin, promote tissue remodeling, and refine the skin’s texture and overall appearance. 

Laser resurfacing utilizes focused light wavelengths to meticulously eliminate damaged skin layers, fostering healing and rejuvenation. 

Our lymphatic drainage massages employ precise techniques designed to reroute lymph fluid to functioning lymph nodes, effectively reducing post-operative swelling and its associated risks. 

A thread lift redefines facial contours not only by lifting sagging skin but also by stimulating collagen production, which enhances skin firmness and volume over time. 

Our medical weight loss program is a 12 week program that is designed to help you lose weight and achieve your dream body.

Our skincare treatments with Retin-A and Glycolic Acid are designed to improve your appearance and restore youthful vibrancy to your complexion.

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